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Football and the Ace Cafe

Sunday was another glorious day with no sign of the rain that was predicted earlier in the week.

Jess and I were off to see Arsenal v Middlesbrough for an early afternoon kick-off, so we left home a little after 9.00am.

We decided to take the more scenic route from Norwich down the A140 & A143 but got held up a bit by some slow traffic and a couple of tractors, which delayed us a bit. After stopping at Whittlesford to refuel and for some breakfast we were soon on our way again.

Jess refuelling

Jess refuelling

Jess hasn’t ridden (or driven) in London before and was feeling some trepidation for the ride in but she needn’t have worried. The traffic got more and more congested the closer we got to the stadium but we finally made it safely and found somewhere to park the bikes.

Unfortunately, the parking bay was already crowded but we managed to squeeze our way in with a little help from a (dare I say it?) friendly Traffic Warden. The gap to fit my bike in between another bike and a scooter was a bit small, so the TW averted his gaze as Jess and I lifted the scooter and moved it over a few inches! Jess’ spot on the end was a bit tight too but we manged to get her wheels inside the lines to the TW’s satisfaction. Job done!

By now it was 5 minutes to kick-off, so it was a bit of rush to get into the stadium but we only missed a few minutes at the start. We had taken hats with us but, stupidly, I left them in my top box in the rush to get to the stadium, so we were a bit exposed in the sun. Needless to say, my ‘pip’ is a little tender this morning!

The game itself was a bit of a stroll and Arsenal won 2-0 thanks to two goals from Fabregas. Ironically, the last time that he scored (in a 1-2 reverse against Hull) it was also the last time that Jess went with me to the football. She must be his lucky omen!

After the game we took a ride out the Ace Cafe, which is a famous London biker’s haunt, where we had a drink and a bite to eat. (The bangers and mash are well worth it!)

Inside the Ace

Inside the Ace


Ace cafe

Ace cafe

There were lots of people milling around and some stunning bikes on show. I was quite chuffed when we saw a few blokes standing around my bike, discussing it. For all I know they could have been slagging it off but, hey, there’s no such thing as bad press!

My Bandit gets some admirers!

My Bandit gets some admirers!





Jess at the Ace

Jess at the Ace

By now it was starting to get late and Jess still had to ride back to Norwich alone as I was staying down in London for work the next day, so we mounted up and set off back up the A1. At Whittlesford we stopped to refuel again and for a quick cup of coffee and enjoyed the last of the setting sun before Jess continued on her way to Norwich and I headed back to London. 

We both got in just after 9.00pm, so we had been out for 12 hours. It had been a long but very enjoyable day.


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