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Safe Rider

Jess & I completed the Safe Rider scheme with Norfolk Constabulary last week. It is aimed at improving the standard of motorcycling and to reduce the number of casualties.

Norfolk is primarily a rural area but we have some fantastic roads for motorcycling. Unfortunately, we also have lots of motorcycle accidents.

The course is designed for both novices and experienced riders alike and is aimed at improving hazard awareness and planning, whilst also covering safe cornering and overtaking.

The course consists of two evening classroom sessions, followed by a weekend rideout and assessment with a police motorcyclist.

Our rideout consisted of myself, Jessie and another lady biker, Carol, along with Phil, our police motorcyclist.

Phil, our friendly copper!

Phil, our friendly copper!

We met at Norfolk Constabulary at 9.00am for a quick briefing by Phil, who quickly put us at ease as we were all feeling a little nervous.

Phil set off first with the rest of us taking it in turns to ride behind him to see how he does it and which lines to take. We then took it in turns to lead with Phil riding behind us in order to assess us. We would stop every now and then for Phil to give us a few pointers and to give a different rider a chance to lead.

After stopping for lunch at Sea Palling, we repeated the process – hopefully putting into practice what Phil had instructed us – and arrived back at about 2.30pm.

It was an extremely satisfying experience and we all felt that we learnt a lot. I know that my riding style has changed as a result of it and that I feel a lot safer.

 I’ve always had the utmost respect for police motorcyclists but following one around and seeing how smooth and capable they are just re-inforced it for me.

I’d highly recommend this course to anyone.


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