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In search of the perfect Cream Tea

Jess, your mission today, should you choose to accept it …

It was a glorious autumnul day on Sunday and it seemed a pity to waste it indoors, so Jess and I decided to take a short ride out on our bikes. (Invariably a ‘short ride’ turns out to be for most of the day and a complete tank of petrol!)

She had been discussing finding the perfect Cream Tea with some friends and I mentioned a small village tea-room in Wortham, near Diss, that I pass quite frequently. It hasn’t always been convenient to stop there on my travels, so this seemed like a perfect opportunity to try it out.

The entrance at Wortham

The entrance to the Tea Room at Wortham

As it turned out, the scone was a little dry but slathered in strawberry jam and cream it tasted divine! The tea was superb, though. Well worth another stop sometime!

Mmm, looks yummy!

Mmm, looks yummy!

After tea we decided to ride through Elveden forest to Barton Mills before heading home. The forest looks lovely at this time of year with all the leaves just starting to turn their autumnul colours just before they fall off.

Unfortunately, the roads are quite narow and twisty and there aren’t too many places that are safe to stop and take photographs.

Amongst the daisies in Elveden Forest

Amongst the daisies in Elveden Forest


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One thought on “In search of the perfect Cream Tea

  1. The ride was terrific, the cream tea, alas, was not the perfect one … our quest continues …

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