The Ride Stuff

The adventures of a couple of happy bikers


It was such a lovely spring day on Saturday that Jess and I decided to ride down to Southend. Neither of us had been before and I had been promising Jess a visit for ages, so it seemed an ideal opportunity.

The trip down was fine until we hit the A140 south of Diss. It is a 50mph zone (why?) and it seemed that we were the only ones adheeding to the speed limit. Cars were flying past us at every chance they had. I had to keep checking that it was in fact a 50mph zone. Maybe the speed limit was just for bikers!

Jess needed a loo stop soon after turning onto the A12, so I turned in at the first services area. Jess spotted this Yamaha VMAX parked up. It’s an absolute brute!

My grandparents used to live in Frinton-on-sea and I have vague memories of visiting them there, so we turned off towards Clacton to see if we could find where they used to live. After a quick stop in Clacton and a walk on the pier we cruised up to Frinton.

 It has changed a lot to the way that I remember it (it was about 40 years ago after all!) and I couldn’t find their old place, so we moved on to Southend. With hind sight it wasn’t such a good day to visit – not only is there only one way in and out but the day-trippers and football traffic was horrendous even on a bike.

We eventualy found somewhere to park up and had a nice cream tea in a beach-front hotel before heading off home again. This time we steered clear of the A140 and went all the way up the A12 towards Lowestoft. At Beccles we stopped off the McDonalds for a cup of coffee where we bumped into John – a fellow South African. He hails from the same neck of the woods as us and even went to the same primary school as Jess! Small world!

Saddle update: the new saddle is too low for me and it causes aches in my knees and ankles. I have fitted it to Jess’ Bandit for her to try out but I suspect that it is too low for her too. The standard seats are height adjustable but this one isn’t, having a fixed base. The good news is that I have contacted the supplier and they have said that they will raise it up for me if I send it back.


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