The Ride Stuff

The adventures of a couple of happy bikers


Jess has a friend, Lee, that she met on Facebook, who is keen to ride over to France to visit the war memorials. I’m quite interested in that sort of thing too and since Jess and I haven’t been over to France yet, it seemed like a good idea to meet up on Saturday and talk about a proposed trip.

Lee lives in Southend and had to work until 12.00pm, so we agreed to meet up at Saxmundham later on and then ride out to Aldeburgh for some late lunch at the sea-side.

It was another glorious spring day, so Jess and I plotted a scenic route down some B-roads via Eye. Unfortunately, just before Debenham, Jess took a tumble going through a sharp downhill right-left double bend. I was leading and was about 100 yards ahead of her but when I realised that she hadn’t come through the bends I got worried and turned back to look for her. 

My heart skipped a beat when I saw her bike lying in the road but much to my relief she was up and trying to stand it back up. She appeared unhurt but was angry because someone had stopped to see if she was OK but wouldn’t help her pick her beloved Suzi up off the road! I quickly parked my bike up and ran over to help her lift it back up. 

She was obviously shaken up a bit and complained of a sore left shoulder and side but seemed otherwise unhurt. She said that as she came into the first right-hander she noticed some gravel to the left and made the mistake of looking at it. She then looked up at the bank and, as we all know – you go where you’re looking – and promptly ploughed into the bank. (Perhaps Jess will write a bit about it as she was the one riding. I only got there after the fact.) 

Naturally, I was just relieved to see her up and about. Her head must have hit the road at some point too because her (brand new) Shoei now has some serious scratches in it! 

Jess always tells me that you dress for falling, not riding, and thankfully all the riding gear helped to protect her. The damage was all down the left-hand side – both to Jess and the bike. Her left trouser leg was scuffed and I think that the handle bar must have whacked her left arm and poked her in the ribs as she had some nasty bruises there. 

The bike’s left indicator had torn off and the mini-fairing down the side was scratched and broken. The rear foot-rest was broken too. 

A rather battered looking Suzi!

 Jess is a brave old soldier and wanted to carry on, so we rode the mile or so into Debenham where we stopped for a cold drink and assessed the situation. Jess was badly bruised but wanted to carry on and since the bike was rideable, I agreed to continue on to Saxmundham, which wasn’t very far away. I was mindful, however, that she was running on adrenaline and that shock would kick-in at some point.

We limped into Saxmundham and parked at the Police Station (closed on Saturdays!) which was opposite the Railway Station, where we were meeting Lee.

By now Jess was feeling very sore and stiffening up, so we agreed to leave her Suzi there (OK, I made her!) with the promise that I’d collect it the next day.

Lee soon arrived and we then rode out to Aldeburgh with Jess riding pillion with me. At Aldeburgh I left Lee and Jess sitting on a bench outside a pub, while I went to see if I could rustle up some fish & chips to eat. Unfortunately all the chippy’s in town were closed (why?? It’s only 3.00pm on a Saturday afternoon, for goodness sake!!) but I did manage to hunt down a couple of bacon, egg and sausage rolls for us.

Jess (putting on a brave face) and Lee at Aldeburgh

After discussing our proposed trip to France with Lee (I think that we eventually decided to go in September) we decided to head off home as I wanted to stop at James Paget Hospital in Lowestoft and get Jess’ shoulder x-rayed as she was in quite a bit of pain by now.

The staff at the A&E were lovely and they soon had Jess seen to. Luckily, the x-rays confirmed that nothing was broken and that she was just badly bruised and they gave her some powerful pain killers to take.

Back at home she spent a rather uncomfortable Saturday night (my snoring didn’t help either – sorry, Sweetheart!) and on Sunday morning I caught a train back out to Saxmundham to fetch her bike. Unfortunately, as I got off the train, the heavens opened, and I got sopping wet riding home!

Jess was relieved to have her Suzi back home but was sad to see her in such a sorry state. But, like Jess, she’s a tough old bird and we’ll soon have them both patched up and back to normal in no time!


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