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Jess and I rode up to the BMF show in Peterborough on Saturday. Jess quite enjoyed it but I thought that it was just a glorified flea-market for bikers. (Which I suppose it was) We did, however, end up getting a good deal on a couple of new lids.

Jess tries out the Ducati 1198 for size. (No, you can't take it home, Darling!)

 Jess has been hankering for this butterfly helmet for ages and it was on sale at half price, so it seemed silly not to get it.


And this is what Jess’ helmet looked like when we got home …

What bugs she didn’t kill surely ended up splattered on my visor!

We were given a couple of goodie-bags with the helmets and one of the things in it was an Oxford balaclava. Here I prove that one size DOESN’T actually fit all! That really was as far as I could get it!


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One thought on “BMF

  1. Stuart on said:

    Little did you know that you’d soon be the proud owner of your very own Ducati, Darling!

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