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British Superbikes – Cadwell Park

Jess and I went on our first camping trip over the weekend. We decided to head up to Cadwell Park in Lincolnshire to watch the British Superbike racing. We’ve been talking about going camping on the bikes for a while now, so I splashed out and bought us a tent and a couple of sleeping bags. Jess wasn’t too sure about the camping side of it, so I had visions of leaving the tent in a skip when we headed home! I needn’t have worried, though, because she was fine with it and even agreed that we’d do it again. 

Luckily, Jess has her own bike or else we could never have managed. I squeezed the sleeping bags into the panniers and bungeed the tent to the pillion seat. My clothes and other stuff went into my top-box and tank bag.

A (nearly) fully laden Bandit!

Believe it or not, I also managed to get two sleeping mats and two camping chairs on top of the tent! The Long Way Round? Pah! Charlie and Ewan have nothing on me! I’ve just got to figure out how to pack my canera gear gear as well and I’ll be well sorted! (These photos were taken with my pocket compact)

Jess tries out the tent for size

The weather was scorching hot, so we tried not to spend too much time in the tent. Saturday was practice day and it was free entry into the grandstands, so we spent most of the day at the Mountain watching the bikes wheelie over the top. Nobody does it quite like Josh Brookes, though – he really flies over it. He had an awful start in the first race and got held up but he won the second race purely on his technique over this part of the track.

Josh Brookes gets airborne over the Mountain


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