The Ride Stuff

The adventures of a couple of happy bikers


Jess rather fancied some biltong, so we decided to head out to Baldock where we knew of a good butcher that made it. It’s about a 90 mile ride (one way) but hey, we’ll go to great lengths for a good piece of ‘tong! Besides, we don’t need much of an excuse to go for a ride.

As usual, we decided to take the scenic route and meandered along various country roads. Unfortunately it started to rain shortly into the ride and what we thought was going to be a short shower turned into a considerable downpour! (In fact it lasted the rest of the day) Undeterred, we stopped at a roadside van selling Mexican food just outside Brandon and had a couple of chilli burritos for lunch. Very nice they were too! We’ll definitely be stopping there again!

Jess tries to shelter from the rain at the Cantina

After lunch we set off for Baldock again. I didn’t switch on the sat-nav as I had a mental map of where we were going. Unfortunately, I didn’t take into account the UK’s poor road signage and got a bit lost navigating around Cambridge. By now Jess was a bit cold and wet but we eventually arrived at the butcher’s just before 3.00pm – only to find that they had closed at 1.00pm! Oh, well, it was a bit of an adventure, I suppose!


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