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Suzuki Sunday

It was Sukuki Sunday at the Ace Cafe in London yesterday and Jess and I decided to to take a ride down to have a look-see. Besides, the weather report was looking better for London, so it seemed like a good idea to get away from Norfolk for a while.

We were up early on Sunday morning and left home at about 8.00am. Jess opted not to wear a fleece under her jacket but I stashed into my panniers and it was just as well because by the time that we got to Duxford she was shivering with cold. After donning her fleece and having a cup of coffee and a breakfast McMuffin, she was raring to go again.

We arrived at the Ace at about 10.30am and were allowed to park inside with all the other Suzuki bikes as is the norm. We also managed to get the last of the breakfast vouchers, so we opted to share a full-English, which, along with two cups of tea, set me back £1.65. Not bad going!

Michael Laverty from the BSB Relentless Suzuki Team made a guest appearance and Jess managed to speak with him for a while and get an autograph and have her picture taken.

Jess poses with Michael Laverty

Jess had arranged to meet a couple of her FaceBook friends there as well but after mooching around for a while, and them not showing, we got bored and headed off to my digs in Greenford. While we were there, Jess received a couple of messages from her friends to say that they were now at the Ace, so we geared up again and went back to meet them.

After chin-wagging with them for a while we decided to leave as Jess had a long ride back to Norwich. Initially, the plan was for me to see her safely back on to the A1 where she would be able to find her way home. When we got to the A1 I thought that I’d ride with her for a bit longer and take a bit of a scenic route up towards Royston. Unfortunately, after turning off the A1 we got separated at a couple of traffic lights at some roundabouts and lost each other. Bright spark here went out without his mobile, so poor old Jess was trying to contact me without any success! I rode around a bit between the roundabouts looking for her, hoping that she would go back to where we separated but I couldn’t find her and after about 40 minutes or so, I gave up and headed back to London. 

Unknown to me, Jess had pulled into a Tesco shopping centre to wait for me. I had passed by the centre a few times but didn’t think of going in to look for her there. Unfortunately, there was a fairly high hedge between us otherwise we would have seen each other as we were only yards apart. Doh!

Anyway, when I arrived back in London I managed to hold of her and she was having a cup of coffee at the Maccy-D at Duxford. She had given up on me too and made her own way home. Oh, well. Sorry, Jess!


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