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The adventures of a couple of happy bikers

More test rides

Jess has a friend at work, Jessica, who is not getting on with her Kawasaki ER-6n. She is a bit short in the leg and is struggling to put her feet down and is losing confidence in her riding abilities.

Jess and Jessica then decided that it would be a good idea to go along to our local Kawasaki dealer to see if they could offer her something else in exchange. As luck would have it, the dealer in question – Seastarsuperbikes – also happens to be the local Ducati dealer, so we pre-arranged a few test rides. Jessica wanted to try the Ducati Monster 696, Jess wanted to try the Ducati 1198S and I thought that I’d have a run out on the Kawasaki 1400GTR as I had already tried out the BMW touring range previously.

I have to say that Seastar were amazing and nothing was too much trouble for them and you didn’t even have to refill the bikes on return!

Jessica’s partner, Steve (on a 750 Kawasaki), took us on a circuitous route around a good selection of roads with us all in tow.

The GTR was a bit like (I imagine) piloting the Battlestar Gallatica. It’s a huge bike with plenty of power and arm-chair like comfort but didn’t really inspire me.

Kawasaki 1400 GTR

Jessica loved her little Monster and promptly traded her ER-6n in for one when we got back to the dealership!

Jessica with the Monster 696

My Jess loved the 1198 and was grinning from ear to ear. Unfortunately, due to the weather and traffic conditions, we didn’t really have a clear run on the roads and so couldn’t really fully appreciate it but she said that it was amazing anyway.

Jess can't stop grinning on the 1198S

While Jessica was sorting her new bike deal out, Tony, the salesman asked us if we would like to ride anything else while we were waiting. Cheekily, Jess asked if she could take the 1198S again (which Tony didn’t mind at all) and I opted for the Multistrada.

Ducati MultiStrada S

Well, to say that we liked them was an understatement! I have never had the opportunity to ride a Ducati before and to me they were just bikes that you drooled over. Well, I was blown away by the Strada! It really is an awesome machine. In fact, we loved the Ducatis so much we promptly ordered two! The MultiStrada for me and an 848 for Jess as it makes a better commuter than the 1198. They had an 848 Corse in the showroom, which Jess liked, so we opted for that one.  We should be able to collect her bike next week when all the paperwork is finalised but I’ll have to wait until the end of the month for mine as they have to order it in. I can’t wait!


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