The Ride Stuff

The adventures of a couple of happy bikers

D-day +1

With a brand new motorbike outside I was itching to take it out and test it on some of our finer roads.

Jess & I have recently made some new friends – Jim & Nicky – and, like us, they both ride their own bikes. We first bumped into them at C J Ball, our local Suzuki dealer, where Jim had just collected his new Hyabusa from having its first service. The following Saturday we met again at Seastar when Jess was collecting her new bike. Jim & Nicky were there because Seastar run a Dyno testing service and Jim wanted to test his Busa. The following day Jess and I attended a First-Aid course for bikers in Dereham and – surprise, surprise – Jim & Nicky were there too! It turns out that they live just down the road from us too – in the next village in fact. Small world!

We duly arranged to meet up for yesterday and do a rideout together. At 10.00am we met at the local Little Chef and planned the day’s activities over a cup of coffee. (Nearly £8.00 for four coffees! Scandalous – Won’t be doing that again!)

Meeting up with Jim & Nicky at the Little Chef

Jim took the lead with Nicky following him and Jess and myself following behind her. Jim set a good pace for us – not too fast but not too slow either.

Our first destination was Walker’s Snacks, out near Mildenhall, which is a favourite for bikers, via a few B-roads that Jess and I hadn’t been on before. After a cup of coffee we set off for Cromer and another pit-stop and more coffee at the Blue Sky Cafe.

Nicky, Jim & Jess at Cromer

By now it was fairly late in the afternoon and I was getting a bit anxious about getting home as I still had to ride back down to London for work the next day. The others were still quite keen to carry on, however, and as I didn’t want to spoil it for the rest of them, agreed to head home via McDonalds in Beccles.

By the time that we finally did arrive home it was getting on a bit, so I decided to stay at home and travel back to London in the morning. It was a great day out and we were pretty tired afterwards but Jim and Nicky were great fun and we’ve agreed to meet up again soon. They are a great couple and we really enjoyed their company.

Stopped for a fag break

As for the bike? Well, I absolutely love it! It’s a bit like a BMX on steroids! It is very powerful and very, very quick with the power instantly available at the trottle. It’s also very light and flickable and makes my Bandit feel like an oil tanker in comparison.

I’m not too keen on the panniers, though – they are a bit flimsy and don’t seal properly. I image that they will leak at the slightest hint of rain, so I’m going to have to replace them with after-market ones at some stage.

We’re off to Cadwell Park for the BSB racing in a couple of weeks, so I’ll get a chance to test them properly then.


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