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i2i Machine Control

Jess & I attended the Machine Control Level 1 Course with i2i Motorcycle Academy on Monday. The course was held on a section of runway at Norfolk Gliding Club and was put together by Tom Killeen of i2i and Andy Micklethwaite, who is the Road Safety Officer for Norfolk county Council and with whom we did the Safe Rider course last year.

We read some of the pre-course info about inducing tank-slappers and the like and we both had sleepless nights worrying about what we had let ourselves in for! We needn’t have worried though – Tom put us instantly at ease and assured us that we wouldn’t be doing anything remotely dangerous to either ourselves or our bikes.

The morning session consisted of bike stability exercises where Tom soon had us coasting along with our hands off the bars and even standing up in the saddle and riding over planks of wood without any worries!

He also instructed us in advanced braking; including why panic braking occurs, how to avoid it, and how to quickly and confidently bring your bike to a halt. I don’t think that either of us realised just how quickly we could get our bikes to stop safely!

In the afternoon we learnt how to use counter-steering to improve the speed, accuracy and confidence when cornering and also how to deal with unexpected hazards, building on the earlier braking and counter-steering sections.

In the last session we learnt about Slow Speed Machine Control and Tom soon had us all chugging around the course at walking pace without fear of dropping the bikes.

All in all, it was a great day out and we all agreed that we had learnt a lot and also gained more confidence in both the bikes and our own abilities. Highly recommended!


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