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British Superbikes – Cadwell Park

It was Round 9 of the British Superbike series this past Bank Holiday weekend and Jess and I went up to Cadwell Park to watch it. 

With the racing on the Bank Holiday Monday, it gave us an extra day’s camping as we went up on the Friday after work. It also gave us a chance to see how our new bikes fared on a trip. As I said in a previous post, I’m not that enamoured with the panniers on the MultiStrada. They are far too small to take the sleeping bags, so I bought a waterproof bag for them, which was also big enough to accommodate the self-inflating matresses and pillows. I also managed to strap on two camping chairs along with the tent. My camera gear went into the smaller pannier and my clothes and toiletries into the other side. 

Not having a top-box actually gave me a bit more room on the back seat to tie everything down but it was a bit of a squeeze for me to get in between the luggage and the tank! 

A fully-loaded MultiStrada

We had previously bought some Kriega luggage for Jess’ bike and she managed to squeeze all of her stuff into her tail-packs. (Jess used a 20l and a 10l pack buckled together) 

The campsite was pretty busy when we arrived but we soon found a space to pitch our tent. Jess and I have the packing/unpacking thing all worked out now, so it didn’t take long for us to get settled. 

The problem with camping is that you never know what your neighbours will be like. Unfortunately for us, another camper pitched next to us was a champion snorer and managed to keep us awake most nights. At one stage I went outside and ‘pinged’ his guide ropes which shut him up just long enough for us to get back to sleep! 

Overall the weather was a bit ‘iffy’ – rain one minute, sunshine the next – and we were forever taking jackets off and then hastily putting them back on again five minutes later. We tend not to let the weather bother us much, so it didn’t really spoil the weekend at all. 

The evening wind actually turned out to be a bonus as the tent flapping drowned out next door’s snoring! 

As usual, the racing was great and we had a good time. Here’s Josh Brookes flying over the Mountain during practice:

 For anyone interested, you can view the rest of them here.



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