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The Peak District – Day 3

On Tuesday we decided to head in a different direction and chose to do the Cat & Fiddle road towards Macclesfield. Unfortunately it wasn’t a very bright day, so we didn’t hang around for too long.

The Cat & Fiddle

We had heard good things about the A628, which connects Greater Manchester and South Yorkshire by crossing the Pennine chain of hills by way of the Woodhead Pass through the Peak District National Park, so we decided to head north in that direction.

In New Hills we stopped for a cup of tea in a pub and one the locals recognised my accent and called me a ‘Japie’! (A derogatory term for South Africans, which is derived from the Dutch term “plaasjapie” meaning a farm-boy, and implies someone who is ignorant and uneducated, aimed mainly at the Afrikaner). The cheek! He didn’t mean any offence, though, and we had a good laugh about it.

Overlooking Woodhead Reservoir

The return route took us via Wharncliffe Side, near Sheffield, where we stopped at the Blue Ball for a late lunch. Two meals for £5.00! You can’t beat it!

There was a short rain shower after lunch but then the sun peeked through again, so we decided to head back via Castleton, which took us over Winnats Pass and close to Mam Tor.

Stopped in Castleton. Mam Tor is in the background.


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