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BSB – Oulton Park

On Friday morning we were up early and packed up for our journey across to Oulton Park in Cheshire for the final round of BSB racing for the year. We were in no hurry, so we took the scenic route into Congleton and then followed the A54 into Cheshire.

We arrived at the track mid-morning and the camping site wasn’t particularly busy yet, so we pitched next to a motorhome on a rise in case of more rain. (We didn’t fancy the prospect of being flooded out again) As we were pitching the tent our new neighbour came over and offered us a cup of tea. Bless her!

Jess is friends with one of the racer’s (Allann-Jon Venter) parents, Andre & Tracey, from our South African days, so we met up with them for a drink in the afternoon and walked the track with them. It appears a lot longer when you walk it!

Allann-Jon Venter

Later in the evening we discovered that the space that the neighbours had marked out between us was now occupied with one of their friend’s caravan. They obviously don’t like the sound of their generator going all the time, so they placed it behind their caravan – right near our tent. How considerate of them! Grr!

The next morning we were up early and wandered around the track looking for a suitable place to watch the practice sessions from. We eventually decided on a spot near Knickerbrook as it offered a good view of the track and we were also close enough to take photos.

James Ellison - Swan Honda

On Sunday we were again up early and claimed our spot at Knickerbrook again. It was a lovely, sunny day and the track soon started filling up and we were grateful that we had risen early as all the best viewing spots were soon taken.

After the racing we met up with Andre and Tracey again and they gave us a guided tour around the pits where we met the Triumph Map Group team and we also bumped into Hudson Kennaugh, another South African racer.

Allann-Jon Venter, Jess, Josh Caygill & Jimmy Hill

By now it was getting late and we had a long way to go home, so we said our farewells and headed back to the tent to pack up. It was pretty dark by now, so we ended up doing most of it by torch-light and we were on our way by about 8.00pm.

It’s about a five hour ride home from Oulton Park and it’s not much fun on a dark and cold night. At 11.00pm we stopped to refuel at Huntington, where we had met up a week before and decided to check in to the Premier Inn to warm up and get a few hours of decent sleep before continuing in the morning – Jess back to Norwich and me back to London for work.

All in all, we had a fantastic week, covering about a thousand miles in all. Looking back, even the rain was a bit of an adventure! 


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