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More Test Rides

Seastar phoned Jess to say that they had an 1198 Corse with all the trimmings coming in and would she like to have a look at it. Would she?? Wild horses couldn’t keep her away, so we arranged to go along on Saturday to have a look-see.


The intention was for her to have a ride on it too but unfortunately there was a slight niggle with the clutch, so we decided not to take it out.

While we were there I was going to have a look at a Kawasaki ZZR 1400 that was also for sale. Unfortunately, the bike had already been sold when we got there, so Tony, the salesman, offered to let me ride a Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R instead.

I didn’t know what to expect but I was very pleasantly surprised. Once I’d worked out how to fold my legs up to get on, it was quite comfortable and the engine is very smooth in all gears and at any speed. It certainly gets a thumbs-up from me. I’m dying to try the ZZR now!


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