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Snetterton Track Day

Phil, a friend from the East Anglia Ducatisiti Group was doing a track-day at the new Snetterton circuit on Sunday, so Jess and I and a few others went along to have  a look-see and give moral support.

The day didn’t get off to a good start because as I was lifting my bike onto the centre-stand, the footpeg broke and twisted under the bike.  Without thinking, I reached under the bike to bend it back and trapped my hand against the hot exhaust and scorched the the back of my hand. Ow! Luckily, a visit to the First Aid facility soon had me sorted out.

We were surprised to find out that we could take our own bikes around the track at lunch-time in a parade lap behind the safety car. I was expecting a slow sight-seeing amble around the track but once we got onto the track all hell broke loose and everyone went bombing off hell for leather! And I still had my panniers and sat-nav on!

I really didn’t want to take the chance of coming a cropper – especially since I have only just had the bike fixed from the RTTW incident – so I was quite happy to trundle around near the back of the pack. As we approached the Start/Finish line I realised that they were going to let us go around again, so we actually got to do two laps of the new circuit.

When we got home I downloaded the data from my sat-nav and superimposed it on Google Earth which still shows the old circuit. You can clearly see the shape of the new circuit over the old one.

Snetterton Race Circuit


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