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More Test Rides

My Mutley had to go back to Seastar for some minor warranty repairs yesterday, so Jess & I made the most of the visit by taking a couple of demo-bikes out for test rides.

First off, Jess opted for the new Ducati Diavel, so I took the Kawasaki Z1000SX and half way around we swapped bikes to ride back.

Jess was really disappointed (with herself mainly) on the Diavel. She has been drooling over it in the showroom for ages but found that the ride wasn’t to her liking and that the riding position gave her lower back-ache. It’s got a stonking motor and goes like the clappers but it’s not really to her taste.

Ducati Diavel

Funnily enough, I also found that I got lower back-ache on the Diavel. I also found the ride rather bumpy and I didn’t like that the dash info is set low down which means that you have to dip your head to read it whilst riding.

Kawasaki Z1000SX

The SX was much more to my liking but I felt a little cramped on it as it’s not a very big bike. The engine sounds quite high-revving and I kept checking the rev counter but that’s just the way it sounds. Jess quite liked it too but it didn’t give her a ‘buzz’. I know what she means.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R

 The Ninja is a superb bike and is the one that Jess would choose. As with most sports bikes, I found it too small for me and found my legs cramping up. It is a lovely bike, though.

Kawasaki ZZR1400

I loved the ZZR. It’s big and fast and feels like you can cruise all day on it. It’s also extremely comfortable for me. If I was looking at getting another bike, this is the one that I’d go for.

Jess liked it a lot too but it was a bit big for her and she found it a bit intimidating when manoeuvring at very slow speeds.

By the time that we returned to Seastar my bike was ready and we headed off home. Over a cup of tea we both decided that the the best bikes that we rode today were our own! 


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