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End to End: We did it!

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We got to Lands End on Friday evening just as the sun was going down, so after a quick photo-shoot we headed off to the Old Success Inn for the night.

The plan was to get up at 3.00am and leave whenever we were ready, so I figured that I could at least get 5 hours sleep. Unfortunately, I couldn’t sleep at all and spent most of the night looking at the ceiling waiting for the alarm to go off. Not the kind of night that I was hoping for! Needless to say, when it was time to get up, I was already tired!

The hotel was a few miles from the actual starting point and it took a while for everyone to get ready, so it was 4.30am before we actually got going. Iron Butt take it all very seriously and double-check your times and odometers, so our first stop was the Tesco Service Station in Penzance for a time-stamped receipt.

Jess only has a range of about 120 miles on her bike, so petrol stops and coffee breaks were worked out accordingly. We had 8 stops planned along the route with the 9th one being John O’Groats. This worked out perfectly as we stopped every couple 0f hours to stretch our legs and refuel just as we were starting to feel tired.

The initial ride was pretty boring – motorways aren’t my favourite – but once we reached about Carlisle the scenery started to change and got more interesting. The roads in Scotland are perfect for biking, so the last section was fun to ride too.

We stopped in Wick for our last re-fuel and time-stamp and were soon heading for JOG where we arrived at 10.15pm – 17h45m since leaving Lands End.


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