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Mutley is broken (again)!

Last month I wrote that Mutley had blown a cylinder head gasket. Well, after coming back from Scotland (without missing a beat the whole time), I couldn’t get Mutley started when I wanted to return home from work in London.

I made the obligatory phone call to the breakdown service (I must put them on speed dial!) and they sent round a chap to help get me going again.

I had a fair idea that it was the same problem occuring again, which I explained to the AA man. He took out the spark plugs and cleaned them up a bit as they looked a bit black and luckily he managed to get Mutley started again.

I wasn’t sure that if I stopped and switched off the engine that I’d get it started again, so I rode home in one go. Luckily, I had filled up beforehand on my inbound journey.

The next day Mutly started OK but I still wasn’t happy, as the coolant level had dropped again, so Jess & I took it into Seastar for them to have a look at. They took out the spark plugs again, which looked OK, but Vince agreed to keep the bike for a week to give it a thorough going over.

Vince phoned a few days later to say that  the same head gasket had blown but they were also going to have to replace the cylinder head. Oh, dear!


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