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A Grand Day Out!

A few members from EAD decided that Sunday would be a good day for a ride-out to the Copdock Bike Show near Ipswich.

The forecast was for a baking hot day and a few of us didn’t fancy walking around in our leathers getting (even more!) hot and sweaty, so we decided that we’d all meet at Seastar at 10.00am and then ride together down towards Ipswich. Those that wanted to go to the Bike Show would peel off and the rest would continue on to Finchingfield for lunch and then we’d all meet up again later in the day.

Rod, Nonny and Phil chose to go to the show, while Jess, Moira, John and myself continued on towards Finchingfield.

We had agreed before leaving that we’d stop for a tea break somewhere along the way and as luck would have it we stumbled upon Tubby-T’s, a biker friendly cafe in Stradishall. After a nice cup of tea in the morning sunshine we were soon on our way again.

Finchingfield was busy with bikers and non-bikers alike making the most of the glorious weather. Nevertheless we managed to find an outside bench at the Red Lion pub where we had a lovely lunch.


After lunch we headed across to Sudbury and then up towards Ipswich and Martlesham where we met up with those that had been to the show and then we all headed for Southwold and a well-deserved cold-drink.

Southwold was understandably busy considering the weather and the traffic going in was very slow and tedious. Not a good combination on a bike on a sweltering hot day in leathers!

At Southwold we met up with Moira’s hubby, Richard and also Steve & Jackie, more members from the Ducati group. It was nice to see so many Ducatis parked up together and they attracted quite a crowd of admirers.

Luckily, there was a nice cool breeze coming in off the sea and we managed to cool down a bit. Jess also got to see her very first Punch & Judy show on the pier.

Southwold is not very far from home but I still had to ride back to London for work the next day, so I said my goodbyes and headed off. I arrived at the flat at about 8.30pm hot and a bit saddle-sore but it was well worth it as it had been a Grand Day Out!


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