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Suzi II

Much to Jess’ dismay, her beloved 848 has been written-off by the insurance assessor following her accident.

We aren’t in a position to replace it with a new one right now, so we decided on an interim bike to get her back on two wheels again.

She loves riding a V-Twin, so we decided to go for a Suzuki SV1000 as we had heard good things about them. Unfortunately, I didn’t realise that they were very popular bikes and each time I made a phone call enquiring after one we were told that it had already been sold.

Luckily, on Saturday morning I discovered a new ad for one that was for sale near Diss and we arranged to meet the seller on Sunday afternoon for a look-see. It is the ‘Special Edition’ model with a two-tone paint job and was a little over budget but Jess loved it immediately, so we agreed the sale with the seller.

We have paid the deposit but the seller wants to put the bike through MOT before handing it over, so we shall have to wait until the weekend before we can collect it.

Suzuki SV100SZ


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