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Suzi II is broken!

Oh, dear! We’ve only had Suzi II for two weeks and we’ve already got problems!

We had a breakfast-run to the Posh Pigs planned for Saturday morning but on the way to the meeting point Jess noticed that the back wheel was vibrating badly.

The concensus was that the fault was probably the wheel bearing. Not willing to risk it further, Jess gently limped it to C J Ball for a look-see. Unfortunately, they were very busy with their new opening launch, so we had to leave it with them until that can have a look at it.

As Jess says: If it wasn’t for bad luck, she wouldn’t have any luck at all! Hopefully, it won’t be too costly a repair and she’ll have it back as soon as possible.

This meant that Jess had to ride pillion with me for the rest of the day – much to her annoyance! On the plus side, we did make it in time for breakfast, though!


Update (29/04/12): I’m pleased to say that Suzi has a clean bill of health again. The damage was quite considerable and they had to replace the bearing, spacer and brake disc, as it was warped. It was a costly exercise but at least Jess has her bike back in working order.


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