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Bye, bye, Suzi II…

Jess was unfortunate enough to get knocked off her bike last week by someone who pulled out in front of her. Luckily, it happened at slow speed and she was relatively uninjured (scuffed knee), which is more that we can say for her bike.

The motorist denied any wrong-doing but fortunately 3 witnesses came forward in Jess’ defence. His insurance company have since said that they will pay to have her bike fixed but the cost to fix it is more than the value of the bike, so they are going to have to scrap it.

Naturally, Jess is very upset but luckily I saw an advertisement a few days ago for a bike exactly like hers, so I have put down a deposit for it and we are going to go and have a look at it on Saturday. It’s in Southend, so it will mean a bit of a day-trip for us.


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