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The House in the Clouds

The motorcycling Gods smiled on us on Saturday.

Jess & I met up with a few regulars and headed for Posh Pigs for the obligatory breakfast stop. During breakfast storm clouds were brewing and we heard reports of rain heading our way. Not to be put-off we decided to head for Aldeburgh on the Suffolk coast.

There is a T-Junction as you approach Aldeburgh. Right is to Aldeburgh and left is to Thorpeness. Nick & Jess were in front and they opted for Thorpeness as neither of us had been there before.

It turned out to be an inspired decision! It had turned into a glorious day – the rain had blown over and the sun was shining. We parked up our bikes and strolled down to Thorpeness Meare where we watched the boating on the lake and sat on the grass with an ice-cream enjoying the sunshine.

Hazel & Jess enjoying the sunshine

I didn’t know it at the time but the Meare served as inspiration for J.M.Barrie’s story of Peter Pan and there are various islands and landings named in the Peter Pan theme. All the hire boats have girl’s names and of course there had to be a Wendy!

In the distance we could make out a house sticking out above the tree-tops. Nick explained that it was The House in the Clouds and was previously the water supply storage facility for Thorpeness Village and was later transformed in a  house.

After finishing our ice-creams, we decided to go and have a look-see.


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One thought on “The House in the Clouds

  1. very enjoyable stuart as was the day at Thorpness

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