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Remembrance Sunday ~ Imperial War Museum Duxford

Yesterday was the first time in what seems like an age that Jess & I were able to get out on a group ride again. Jess has fully recovered from her injuries, my bike was in fine working order (touch wood!) and it promised to be a sunny day. What more could you ask for?

We met the other members of the Norwich Breakfast Club at CJ Ball for an 8.30am start.  Warm fleeces, winter gloves and heated grips (for those that had them) were the order of the day but despite the chilly start there was a good turnout and about 20 members set off.

We stopped for a quick photo opportunity along the A11 with the autumnal trees but it was still quite early and the sun hadn’t yet cleared the canopies, so it was on to Walkers for a quick breakfast.

Unfortunately, Walkers weren’t prepared for such an early invasion of bikers, which meant that it took a while for everyone to get served. This meant that the first to arrive started to leave as the last were just getting their food, which was hastily scoffed down. One person (no names mentioned, Chris!) was even seen to take an unfinished bacon roll with him to eat later at Duxford!

There was a two-minute silence scheduled for 11.00am, which meant that we had to hustle a bit to get there but the bikes made short work of the traffic queues and we made it in good time.

Afterwards we all milled around and viewed the various exhibits and just generally enjoyed the day out in the sunshine before making our own way home in the afternoon.

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