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Searching for Sugar Man

If you didn’t grow up in South Africa in the ’70s, chances are you haven’t heard the music of Sixto Rodriguez – the greatest rock icon who never was! (You’ll have to see the movie for the complete story – I won’t spoil it here)

Hailing from Detroit, he recorded the album, Cold Fact, which subsequently bombed and he disappeared back into obscurity. However, a bootleg copy found its way to South Africa and he became a legend. A lot has been written about how his anti-establishment, soulful songs became political anthems for the white anti-apartheid movement but it was never like that for me – I just enjoyed his music. Some of it was banned (as was a lot of stuff) but that probably just made it appeal more.

I discovered, quite by chance, that he was doing a tour of the UK and I managed to buy tickets for Jess and myself to go and see him perform in Brighton last Friday.

He is seventy years old now and looks frail and needed a helping hand to get on stage. He seemed shy and unsteady but it didn’t matter – as soon as he launched into his first song it transported us back to our youth.

(Photo by Jessie)

(Photo by Jessie)


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3 thoughts on “Searching for Sugar Man

  1. Brilliant sugar – you didn’t mention Phantom (Severed) Limb …

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